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Centro Ippico la Rosa Canina, Panicale. Scuola di equitazione sul Trasimeno, Perugia.

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  • The most optimal route from Fiumicino to Mercatale (AR;Cortona). Total Distance 251.6 km Total Time 2:56
  • The most optimal route from Firenze to Mercatale (AR, Cortona). Total Distance Total Time 133.9 kilometres 1:41
  • The most optimal route from Nice Cote d'Azur Airport to Mercatale (AR, Cortona). Total Distance: 560.1 Km - Total Time 5:53
  • The most optimal route from Bologna to Mercatale (AR, Cortona). via Cesena Total Distance Total Time 228.1 kilometres 3:17

Pierle Castle

The Pierle Castle can be considered one of the beautifulst and powerful examples of present feudale castle in Tuscany. At the same time its lease defiladed to the borders with the Umbria, and the lack of participations conserved has not never allowed to you to emerge from the state of abandonment and degradation in which it pours by now from far away 1587.

San Biagio church

Inner they will be able to be admired the circuit of walls, high from the 5 to the 8 meters three powerful towers, of the which today only one nearly integral conserve, the residential mastio-palace. This is one of the largest anchor visible in Tuscany, raised in order 5 plans very, of its particular rifiniture only some arched in stone remain by now and it walls them arround of nearly equal dimensions to 2 meters and from the angle of the northeast svetta the slanciata tower of guard. Around it walls of the Castle has developed a small village, Pierle, with the beautiful Romanesque, original church of the XI century but reconstructed in 1505, of S.Biagio to Pierle. The Castle it has stimulated the fantasy of many more or less famous painters who every spring and summer are found to its slopes for paint it.